Every cloud has a silver lining. The weather at the moment may be keeping you off the golf course but winter is great opportunity for golfers to work on fitness, flexibility and core strength so we are fit when golfing season is back in full swing.

Winter challenges for golfers

Apart from becoming a little rusty when we can’t play our regular round of golf, there are other ways in which winter affects our game, even when we can play:


  • The ball doesn’t travel so far, so we try to hit it harder, which can also be harder work on your muscles and can strain your back.
  • Wearing extra layers affects flexibility and your inclination to do a warm-up
  • Hitting the ground behind the ball by accident (it happens to us all!) causes more impact because the turf is heavier
  • The cold temperatures make us tense which tightens muscles, so it’s harder to swing properly as we lose flexibility
  • If golf is the only sport you play your overall strength and fitness level will drop as you play less

How to stay “match ready” through winter

Here are our tops tips at Petersfield Physio to help keep you active and maintain your golf form over the coming winter months:

  • We’ve talked about the many benefits of Pilates for golfers before in our post Calling all golfers: Have you considered Pilates? so at this time of year, why not give it a try
  • Focus on building strength and core stability by using the gym (glutes, quads, hamstrings, your muscles from the waist down). If this seems daunting and you don’t know how or where to start, consider a personal trainer (especially one who plays golf!) to help you target key areas and work out safely
  • Winter doesn’t necessarily mean no golf, but when you are playing, keep warm, dry and hydrated and be realistic about the type of performance you can expect in this weather. It will help you prevent injury and keep you active.

Have a look at our posts about getting into an exercise rut, yoga, and mixed training for some alternative exercise suggestions

    Titleist screening

    For more targeted performance improvements, you can also consider Titleist screening. This determines how a golfer’s swing is affected by their body. You can then be supported by a qualified Titleist physiotherapist to help improve on these restrictions. Our post Titleist screening can help your golf swing and your long term health talks about the full benefits of this support offered at Petersfield Physio.

    It’s hard to maintain a handicap over the winter and you may need to be patient and wait until the summer to see the benefits of your winter training regime, but stick with it. You may be surprised at the positive results from the preparation you do now.


    Petersfield Physio

    At Petersfield Physio we are here to support our clients every step of the way, even when they find it hard to commit to their exercises.

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