Whether it’s a cold winter’s morning and the pavements are covered in frost, or a wet and windy day and damp leaves are lying on the ground, at this time of year there are more reasons to be cautious in avoiding a fall or trip and subsequent injury.

At Petersfield Physio, we see a lot of fall injuries at this time of year, so here’s our advice on how, with a little extra care, you can reduce the risk of having a fall.

Falls do increase over the winter period

The NHS states that around one in three over-65s who live at home will suffer at least one fall a year and about half of these will fall more frequently. With temperatures, this number is expected to increase further and many people will need urgent care due to the effects of a fall.

The results of a fall aren’t only bruises or broken bones. They often result in hospitalisation followed by a lack of confidence to continue venturing out during cold weather.

How to help prevent a fall

In general, it’s important to take a little extra care of yourself during the colder and darker months. When you’re heading outside, be mindful of the weather and these extra precautions to help avoid a fall:

  • Wear sturdy shoes with good grip and which keep your feet warm
  • Keep wrapped up warm so you don’t tense up and cause muscle aches. This helps you to keep better posture
  • Remove leaves and debris from paths around your home, reducing trip hazards.
  • Light paths and doorways to spot potential hazards
  • Keep your posture upright and balanced
  • If going for longer walks, stretch your muscles beforehand

Keep active and exercise regularly, so you feel confident in your agility and wellbeing

How your physiotherapist can help you avoid or deal with falls

In our post Use it or lose it. Keeping active in retirement we talk about the importance of remaining active and suggest exercise ideas with plenty of good reasons to do them. We can also help if you’re concerned about your balance. Stay safe as you get older. Improving a sense of balance suggests ways to improve balance and information on why making efforts to maintain balance is so important.

We are always happy to talk to patients about ways to help improve mobility and stability. If you’re unfortunate enough to have a fall, we can complete an assessment of your injuries and provide a programme to support recovery.

Petersfield Physio

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