If you think a trip to a Physiotherapist is something you only do when you have aches or pains, then you’re missing out on the skills of a physiotherapist to help you avoid these issues from becoming problems in the first place.

At Petersfield Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic we believe that everyone is entitled to a pain-free, active lifestyle and when you come to us with an injury, in need of some pain relief or some help to improve your mobility, we can provide the care and support to address these injuries.

However, we are just as passionate about helping our clients to avoid these issues in the first place by supporting you in a proactive approach to managing your physical health.

Why do I need a routine physio check-up?

Without realising it, there are things we do day to day that over time can affect our bodies by the strain they inflict on our muscles and joints.  It could be wearing high heels, working at a desk and hunched over a computer screen five days a week, lifting heavy objects for a living or playing a lot of sport. Doing these kinds of activities year in, year out will eventually take their toll in terms of chronic pains and limited mobility.

Making an appointment to talk to your physio about your current lifestyle and aspirations for things you are looking to do, or raising any initials concerns about niggling physical pains, followed up by an examination will enable us to get a clear picture of where you are now, where you want to be and anything we want to be aware of as potential problems for the future.

This then allows us to tailor a physio plan to your individual circumstance to help you achieve your goals.

When should I have an MOT?

You can come to us for a MOT at any time; I usually recommend to my clients in Hampshire that they come once a year, minimum. But there are some instances when it would be particularly beneficial to have a check-up:

  • Starting a new sport or going back to an old one
  • Feeling your movement is not as good as it used to be, to help prevent further loss of function
  • Reviewing movement/posture/lifestyle to identify potential hazards and help prevent them before they occur
  • Reducing the reoccurrence of a specific injury or addressing minor issues before they become more serious
  • Wanting to increase your energy levels
  • Helping to manage weight issues

Petersfield Physio

If you think you are ready for your MOT and live in the Hampshire or Surrey areas, contact the Petersfield Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic or ring 01730 267645.

We are here to advise, guide and support you as you learn how to take better control of your physical well-being for a pain free, active lifestyle. After all, it’s a joint process.