What is Patello-Femoral Pain or commonly known as “Runner’s Knee”?

Generalised pain at the front of the knee that occurs with activities involving weight bearing with bending and straightening of the knee. These activities include running, cycling, climbing up and down stairs or weight training. This type of injury generally comes on gradually and is not associated with a twisting mechanism.

How Does Patello-Femoral Pain Occur?

Anything that increases the loading on the knee cap or changes the way it moves over the knee joint can contribute to Patello-Femoral pain. Typically a number of bio-mechanical factors cause the kneecap to be pulled laterally (to the outside). Instead of sliding nicely in its groove on the femur (thigh bone), it rubs against the outside of the groove producing pain and occasionally a grinding sound known as crepitus. The bio-mechanical factors include bony variance, foot over-pronation, weak quads and hip stabilisers, tight quads orĀ ITB.