At Petersfield Physio and Sports Injury Clinic, we treat more than back pain, pulled muscles, stiff joints and sports injuries!

From January we will be offering treatment packages to give you a much better all-round treatment experience. Our multi-disciplinary team can help you with physiotherapy, massage, personal training, reflexology, nutrition counselling, food intolerance testing, Pilates and group exercise classes.

The packages will offer great value for money, as they are more cost-effective than booking separate treatments. They are flexible and our therapists will be able to tailor the treatments especially for you!

Click here to view our body chart. If you can answer “yes” to any of the conditions listed we can help treat the symptoms that can cause these conditions!

Remember, all our packages are flexible to suit you. If you don’t see exactly what you want, call us on 01730 267645 to discuss your needs.

Want to lose weight and get fit in the New Year?

b2ap3_thumbnail_waist Have you set yourself  a New Year’s resolution to lose weight and get fit but you need some help?

Our introduction to weight loss package combines six Personal Training and nutrition counselling sessions to get you on the right track.

Both Natasha  and Mick are very experienced in this field. They can offer you sound advice on a correct eating and exercise programme as well as motivating you to achieve your goal!

Have you recently had a baby?

b2ap3_thumbnail_baby Are you struggling to lose your baby weight and tone up? How about a package including a nutrition consultation, reflexology or specialist massage, a pelvic floor check-up and a course of Pilates or Personal Training.

Natasha can advise on the correct diet to help lose your baby weight and provide the right nutrients if you are breast-feeding your baby. She is also offering a reflexology treatment or lymphatic drainage massage. Gerry has had specialist training in checking that your pelvic floor muscles are working properly. Then a course of Pilates classes with Beth or some personal training with Mick will improve your posture and  tone your stomach muscles to get you back in shape!

For our Back Patients

b2ap3_thumbnail_Depositphotos_24560963_xs We are offering a 4 physio treatments including posture and self-help advice, a massage with Mick and a course of 6 Pilates classes with Beth or PT sessions with Mick.

Poor posture is a very common cause of back pain and it is essential to correct it if you want to improve or cure your pain. Our physiotherapy appointments include an education session to give you sound advice on improving your posture, lifting correctly and coping with acute pain. They also include hands-on treatment to loosen up stiff joints and other structures.

Back muscles frequently go into spasm or become tight with recurrent pain. Massage is very effective at releasing tension, inducing relaxation and increasing movement.

Pilates classes are fantastic for strengthening your core and improving your mobility to support and protect your back, or you may prefer a bespoke 1-2-1 personal training session instead.

For Menopausal Women

shutterstock menopause_woman_hormones_bonesThis package includes reflexology, nutrition advice and Personal training or Pilates to optimise bone density.

Reflexology with Natasha can help with hormone imbalance and hot flushes. A nutrition consultation can advise you on the right nutrients to keep your weight in check and help keep your bones healthy.

Personal training with Mick will teach you the right exercises to strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis.

Alternatively a course of Pilates with Beth  is designed to strengthen your core muscles, improve your flexibility and provide deep relaxation.

Golfer’s Package

Are you handicapped by your swing?

Is your golf fitness up to scratch?

Our golf package includes a TPI general mobility screen with Gerry plus physio treatments to loosen your stiff joints.

This is followed by a bespoke 1-2-1 exercise programme with Mick or a course of our golf fitness classes, and a re-screen to check your improvement!

Our mission is “to help you to help yourself achieve a pain free active lifestyle through improved mobility, pain relief, exercise and education”

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