What is Lower Back Pain?

b2ap3_thumbnail_Depositphotos_24560963_xsLow back pain is an extremely common problem affecting a huge number of people.
7.6 million working days were lost in the UK in 2012 due to LBP and it is the second highest cause of long-term sickness after stress BUT the most shocking statistic is that it is mainly caused by self-abuse!

As a result of modern living we have generally become less active, leading to increased weight gain, poor muscle tone and sitting for long periods, frequently with poor posture.
When we do move we use the small postural back muscles to bend and lift rather than our large, stronger leg muscles. It’s no wonder our backs suffer!

What we can do to help with Lower Back Pain

  • Education – We can show you how to lift properly and how to improve your posture to minimise the stress on your low back.
  • Mobilisations – To loosen stiff joints to improve your flexibility and make it easier to maintain good posture.
  • Core Stability Exercises – To strengthen and support your stomach and low back muscles to protect your spine.
  • Soft Tissue Massage – To release muscle spasm and other tight structures to allow greater freedom of movement.
  • Acupuncture and Electrotherapy – To assist in pain relief.

Suitable Products for Lower Back Pain

  • Lumbar Roll – To maintain the natural lumbar curves and good posture when sitting and driving
  • Wobble Cushion –  To encourage “active sitting” in the office.
  • Swiss Ball – To improve core strength to support and protect your back.
  • Wheat Packs – To provide pain relief and relax the back muscles.

These products are all available to purchase from Petersfield Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic so call us on 01730 267645 to enquire.