Knee Meniscus Tear

Knee Meniscus Tears
There are two knee menisci, also known as cartilages, situated between the bones of the thigh and shin at the knee joint. They act as shock absorbers and allow some rotation or twist at the knee joint. Tears can occur in the meniscus after sudden twisting injuries, such as a fall when skiing. Symptoms are pain along the line of the joint and sometimes locking when trying to bend or straighten the knee.

What can Petersfield Physio do to help Knee Meniscus Tears?

We can help to reduce the inflammation caused by the tear with ice, electrotherapy and K Tape. We can restore movement with mobilisations and strength and function to the knee with an exercise programme. Sometimes keyhole surgery is necessary to remove the torn segment of the meniscus; if so we can help restore the knee to full function and return to sport.