Sports Injury

Teenager with growing pains

Sports injuries vary from sport to sport. They can be anything from contact injuries as a result of a tackle in football or road running traumas that affect the bone, to soft tissue injuries that can occur through playing tennis or through skiing. Injuries can occur during a sporting activity but may also be due to an everyday musculo-skeletal condition that requires treating.  Sports injuries are common and can potentially limit future participation in sport if left untreated.

How can Petersfield Physiotherapy help?

Firstly, we will take the time to understand your symptoms and the impact they are having on you, what you may have tried already, and what you want to get back to doing. We will complete a full assessment including looking at how your movement as a whole may be influencing your injury.  We will work with you to put together a rehabilitation programme appropriate for you.  Our aim is to get you back to full activity levels again, whether it is to participate in elite sport, for the enjoyment of your leisure activities or for the sake of your general health.