Shoulder Pain

Female patient suffering frozen shoulder

The shoulder is a complex joint, which when injured, can cause significant problems with day to day activities. When shoulder mobility is affected, simple tasks like dressing and washing can become very difficult and associated pain at night can be very distressing.  The shoulder can be injured easily by falling but is also commonly aggravated by postural and biomechanical faults, and sometimes there can be no obvious reason at all!  Whether your shoulder pain has come on suddenly or gradually crept up on you, we are confident that physiotherapy can help.  Common conditions include frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injury.

How can Petersfield Physiotherapy help?

We start by getting to know you, what symptoms you have, how this is impacting your day to day life, and what things help and what your goals are.  We will then do a thorough assessment of your shoulder and any other related areas which may be contributing to your pain.  Together, we will then create a rehabilitation programme which may include hands-on therapy, education & advice, activity modification and a bespoke home exercise programme to complement your time in clinic with us.