Neck Pain

Common symptoms originating from the neck include pain, movement restriction, headaches, muscle spasm, and if there is any nerve root compression, possibly arm and hand pain, pins and needles or weakness. Causes of neck problems can include trauma (as in whiplash), degenerate disease (cervical spondylosis), or prolonged poor posture. 

How can Petersfield Physiotherapy help?

Firstly, l we get to know you and how your symptoms are affecting your life. We want to know what factors may be contributing to the onset of your pain, what treatments you may have tried, and what may have helped.

Following a detailed assessment, we can then determine what structures may be contributing to your pain. Your treatment may then include hands-on therapy, addressing any postural or workplace (ergonomic) factors, activity modifications and a bespoke home exercise programme to complement your time in clinic with us.