Hip & Knee Pain

Elederly couple going for a run outdoors

Your Hip and knee joint need to be able to take the full weight of your body through them for you to be able to function normally. If you run, jump, twist and turn or simply walk up and down stairs the forces placed on these joints are considerably more. If you consider how often you put these forces through your legs it is not surprising that the hip and knee joints are particularly vulnerable to injury and pain. Common conditions include, ligament injuries, meniscal injuries, osteoarthritis, osgood-schlatters disease, hip replacement and patello-femoral pain. Whatever the injury, we are confident that we can help restore function and get you back doing what you love.

What can Petersfield Physio do to help?

A thorough assessment looking at your whole body, not just the troublesome joint, will allow us to tailor a rehabilitation programme specific for you.  This may include hands-on treatment, activity modifications, education and advice, strengthening and mobility exercises and a home exercise programme which fits your goals and lifestyle.